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 [SGunz] Game Master Format

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PostSubject: [SGunz] Game Master Format   Thu Jun 11, 2009 4:53 pm

[SGunz] GameMaster Format

Note: You need to follow this current format to apply, failure to do you will be denied.

In Real Life Informations:

Last Name:
Age (not birthday):
Time Zone:
How much hours you can stay on the computer?
Are you active?

[SGunz] Game Master Format

Character Name:

Do you know what is Korean-Style?

Do you know what is Monk-Style?

What is a first-person-shooter?

What kind of Gunz do you play? (ijji Gunz or MAIET GUNZ)

How much times you played the official gunz?

Why do want to be in team? (We want 50+ words)

What is a bug?

What does the /admin_ban on begining Gunz Private Servers?

How to ban sommone with the admin control panel? (We want the steps)

How to give weapons to someone on the admin control panel? (We want the steps)

What are the admin commands of Gunz?


What to do if a players is hacking?

Can you say what is a Anti-Hack?

What to do if a players ask you some help? (Be honest)

Do you read the forum rules and the gunz rules? (Write 50+ words about it)

What isn't allowed to do in Fear Gunz when you are a Game Master:

1- Use GM items against players. (Perman BAN + IP BAN).
2- Use power on players. (Perman BAN + IP BAN).
3- Make events without following the schedule. (Perman BAN + IP BAN).
4- Give Donator Items to players. (Perman BAN + IP BAN).
5- Give GM Items to players. (Perman BAN + IP BAN).
6- Powerleveling players. (1 week ban).
7- Change Players RANK to Admin RANK. (Perman BAN + IP BAN).
8- Give players username and password to Admin Control Panel. (Perman BAN + IP BAN).
9- Hacks on Fear Gunz. (Perman BAN + IP BAN).
10- Swear to players. (1 day ban).
11- Give players Gunz Private Server Suggestions. (Perman BAN + IP BAN).
12- Give free level to a player. (Perman BAN + IP BAN).

What is allowed to do in Fear Gunz when you are a Game Master:

1- Make events with owner or co-owner permissions.
2- Give donator items with owner or co-owner permissions.
3- Ban people who aren't following the Fear Gunz rules.
4- Kick people from the server if they annoy you by harrasement.
5- Ban people who are reported by a player, please make sure it's a good proof.

I agree to follow what is allowed and what isn't allowed: (Yes/No)

A e-book will be sended to your email once your accepted.[/color]

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[SGunz] Game Master Format
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